Choose a keyboard
Make the letters show correctly

If you see in the textarea placeholders or question marks instead of letters, the keyboard fonts for Linear B (syllabic signs) are not installed on your computer.

Please download one of the following fonts, unzip it and install it. By each of this fonts the letters of the Linear B (syllabic signs) alphabet should be displayed correctly. On Windows, you install a font by copying the ttf-file into the folder Windows/fonts.

File name
filename: Aegean.ttf
This font supports many ancient scripts mostly of the Aegean area, see description on the download page. Free download from
filename: ALPHABETUM_v_11.25.otf
This font supports a wide range of ancient languages, see description on the download page. Download from for € 15,00.
Copy the text

To copy the text, please select it, then click on it with the right mouse button. Select "Copy" from the context menu.

If you are using a mobile device: touch the text for some seconds. Then there will be shown also a context menu from which you can copy.

Edit the text

To edit the text in a text editor or word processing program like Microsoft Word, please choose from the program's font menu a font that supports the selected language. In Notepad++ it will for example work this way:

Open "Settings" and select "Style configurator":

Choose the font for "Default Style":


The keyboards are tested for the use in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and Chrome.  - Online Keyboards Home Sitemap Contact About the site