Choose a keyboard
Make the letters show correctly

If you see in the textarea placeholders or question marks instead of letters, the keyboard fonts for Croatian are not installed on your computer.

Please download one of the following fonts, unzip it and install it. By each of this fonts the letters of the Croatian alphabet should be displayed correctly. On Windows, you install a font by copying the ttf-file into the folder Windows/fonts.

File name
DejaVu Sans
filename: dejavusans.ttf
Free download from
filename: Code2000.ttf
Download from Supports a large amount of languages; shareware.
Copy the text

To copy the text, please select it, then click on it with the right mouse button. Select "Copy" from the context menu.

If you are using a mobile device: touch the text for some seconds. Then there will be shown also a context menu from which you can copy.

Edit the text

To edit the text in a text editor or word processing program like Microsoft Word, please choose from the program's font menu a font that supports the selected language. In Notepad++ it will for example work this way:

Open "Settings" and select "Style configurator":

Choose the font for "Default Style":


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